Industry sectors

Automotive industry

Since its foundation in 2002, TiroTool has made a name for itself with effective solutions for machining light metals and lightweight materials. Our interaction of high hardness cutting materials and our manufacturing technologies made us a valued partner of the automotive industry. Everything from ISO cutting inserts to highly complex monoblock tools can be found in our portfolio.

Energy sector

TiroTool offers tooling solutions for high-precision parts manufacturing in the energy sector: where precise machining of parts and difficult-to-machine materials is a daily requirement. The tools being used must be able to withstand various unfavorable conditions. We offer optimized cutting tool solutions for the demanding requirements of machining in the power generation industry.

Aerospace Industry

The aerospace industry faces the challenges of the future on a daily basis. The goal of “faster, higher, further” is reflected in our tool life, reliability and productivity. Tools from TiroTool, manufactured from PCD, CVD, MCD and CBN are the ideal partners for the challenges of these demanding materials ranging from aluminum to laminates made of CFRP/GFRP and titanium. We offer solutions that meet your requirements.

Medical technology

Medical technology is playing an increasingly important role in all our lives. Increased demands on materials and applications have also been directly transferred to the machining industry and its tools. Our experience with highly complex materials from toolmaking, the aerospace industry and the energy sector enabled early partnerships with solution-optimized tools for the high demands in medical technology. From components in analytical equipment to implants, TiroTool tools make an important contribution to our lives.

Tool and mold making

Tool and mold making is a very dynamic industry that is changing at high speed. Rapid prototyping in high-hardness materials as well as the implementation of ever larger batch sizes of the end products to be manufactured have redefined the materials in use. TiroTool has accompanied this process and offers machining solutions for precisely these materials. For machining with geometrically defined cutting edges, TiroTool offers solutions made of PCD, CVD, MKD and CBN. This applies to high hardness cutting of sintered materials such as carbide, ceramics as well as in high performance electrode materials such as tungsten copper, chrome copper as well as graphite. In addition, of course, we offer a full range of CBN tools for traditional hard machining.