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New: TiroTool MINICUT PCD- and CVD-Diamond tipped tools for internal turning starting from Ø1,0mm

TiroTool proudly presents the introduction of the new product line „MiniCut“

TiroTool MiniCut is a complete program for boring applications starting from a minimum Ø 1,0mm and bigger.

The range of the smallest Ø1,0mm bis Ø7,0mm will be covered with brazed solid carbide boring bars with internal coolant supply.

These boring bars are tipped with the ultrahard cutting materials PCD Sonnblick and CVD-D Habicht.

On demand we offer these cuts for long chipping materials also with our lasered 3D chipbreaker TiroWave TWS.

The clamping of the boring bars is done with specially designed adapter sleeves with internal coolant supply.

Starting with the smallest Ø6,8mm upwards we offer solid carbide boring bars with internal coolant supply to equip with EPHT and EPHW style inserts in the sizes of 0401.. and also 06T1.

The inserts are also tipped with either PCD or CVD-Diamond, on demand also with our lasered 3D chipbreaker TiroWave TWS and TWN.

The small EPHW / T 0401… inserts are available in FullFace design with 2 cutting edges.

The MiniCut programm is especially designed for internal machining of sintered (cemented) solid carbide.

The CVD-Diamond tipped cuts have a chip angle of 0° and all edge radii’s like 0,1; 0,2 and 0,4mm are available from stock.



The PCD boring bars and also the inserts and tool holders are available with delivery time of 1 week.

The CVD-D tipped boring bars are in production – officially sales start will be May 2016.

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